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Types of Services

Road planning
Road and Bridge Network

All of the road planning stages starting with preliminary stage, master and outline plans, submitting urban building plan and promoting it at the various level committees such as district and national infrastructures committee.

Preliminary initial and detailed planning of urban and state roads, traffic roundabouts and squares, intersections and interchanges. Serving as lead planner, including obtaining authority approvals for permits, government contracts, work plans and supervision.

Planning - traffic, parking and transportation

We provide urban building plan traffic and parking planning services at the preliminary, outline, and other stages.

Additional services includes
planning of traffic and parking arrangements, planning of parking lots and traffic control, at all stages, from planning to implementation including temporary traffic arrangements.

Train planning  

Our services includes railways outline planning and control, coordination and overview supervision of mass transit projects, for international railway transport service providers.

Physical planning and
landscape development
Temporary  Traffic Arrangements
Drainage planning

Physical and physical planning for residential neighborhoods, settlements, cities, industrial and private lots.

Control over, development and level of development.

infrastructure twinning
Under The Bridge

 Coordinating the subcontracting system in roads and development.

Cuts for twinning, integration and twinning between consultants.

סלילת כביש.jpg
Cement Pipes

Designing systems for Nagar Ali drainage and subterranean drainage.

Control, coordination and planning 
Construction Planners

Planning control, consulting for authorities and government offices, control over, development and issuance of development level reports, on planning and execution in infrastructure projects.


Providing an expert opinion
Signing Contract

Providing expert and private opinions to the court.


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