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Publications and links

Guidelines for Traffic Planning On the website of the Department of Transportation Planning at the Ministry of Transportation, you can find a consolidated list of all the guidelines of the Ministry for Traffic Planning in the urban and inter-urban areas, public transportation planning, and a variety of other official documents from the Ministry for planners and consultants. 

The Ministry of Transportation, through the Transportation Planning Division, deals with all land transportation issues at all levels of planning with an emphasis on systemic planning. Among other things, he deals with national statutory planning, national descriptive/systemic planning, traffic engineering issues, concentration of traffic regulations and road safety on infrastructure.

site ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers  is the website of the American Society of Civil Engineers that presents all the innovations in the field of civil engineering and planning and includes articles on technological innovation, groundbreaking projects throughout the United States and Canada as well as research and development of new methods for solving problems in the fields of planning and engineering of buildings, traffic, bridges , tunnels and mass connections. 

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